Utilizing the Power Of Diversity

Utilizing the Power Of Diversity

Utilizing the Power Of DiversityUtilizing the Power Of DiversityUtilizing the Power Of Diversity

We  use  storytelling,  JourneyDance  

And  down  to  earth  wellness,  

 To  heal our  racial  divide

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Our  production  company  runs  on healing.  Jeanine is a Certified Health & Wellness  Coach, and JourneyDance facilitator  with  over  10  years  experience.  

Visableblackwoman Wellness  provides affordable health coaching to all of our producing partners who provide monthly sustaining membership on our Patreon.

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-Alice Walker-

Hard Times Are for Furious Dancing

Get Embodied. JourneyDance with Jeanine to reveal, feel, heal and work towards letting go.

JourneyDance & Affordable Health Coaching

JourneyDance & Affordable Health Coaching

Become an executive producer, and reach your health and wellness goals. I provide affordable health coaching programs to help us all live our best lives.  Your patronage,  funds VisAbleblackwoman Productions.

Current Projects

2019, I toured my movement based immersive theater experience, Rhythm Therapy Rise!  and produced 5 readings of Community Organized! 5 short plays written by Jeanine T. Abraham.


one on one JourneyDance Sessions!

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JourneyDance is  a moving meditation that allows precipitants to dance out of their judging minds and into their feeling bodies.  

Jeanine has been facilitating JourneyDance since 2007.

We dance barefoot, no judgment or mirrors, not to perform but to feel, heal and let go of what holds us back from living connected to joy.


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