Centering Black Women’s Stories

To preserve our legacies.

-Seth Barrish-

The best technique leaves us free

About Me

A Lifetime of Acting


Actor, Writer Producer.  We center Black Women’s stories to preserve our legacies.

Available for Projects

I act both on stage and screen. I am also available for voice over acting and hosting. Please see my resumé for the details of my experience and skills.

Current Projects

2019, I toured my movement based immersive theater experience, Rhythm Therapy Rise!  and produced 5 readings of Community Organized! 5 short plays                             written by Jeanine T. Abraham.

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Jeanine T. Abraham 



Community Organized! 5 Short Plays & A Brave Space Salon written by Jeanine T. Abraham, readings: Playwrights Playground at The Classical Theater of Harlem, 10/29/19; Performance Residency at The Barrow Group Theater Co. 11/8/19, HUB Seventeen 7/17/19; ThoughtWorks NYC 2/20/19

Rhythm Therapy Rise! A Movement Based Immersive Theater Experience written and performed by Jeanine T. Abraham 2019 National Tour with GirlTrek


Start Down - Karen & E- Karen - Centennial Theater Company - Director Margo Whitcomb  

The Unrepeatable Moment - Viola - The Barrow Group Theater Company-  Director K. Lorrel Manning 

A Serious Banquet - Claire- This is not a Theater Company - Director Erin Mee

Pool Play - Jeanine & Ensemble Swimmer- This is not a Theater Company -  Director Erin Mee

Caligula - Serena’s Aphrodesious - Classical Theater of Harlem - Director Alfred Prisser

Savage Acts Claire, Sympatee, Ensemble - MA-YI Theater Co. Director Ralph Pena

Commercials list available upon request

International Theater Festivals

Edinburgh International Fringe Festival: Edinburgh Scotland/ Kaleidoscope Children’s Theater Festival: Aberdeen Scotland


The Barrow Group Theater Company, NYC Seth Barrish, Lee Brock, K. Lorrel Manning, Arlene Hutton

National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts- Three Year Program- Washington, DC

Special Skills

Yoga, Cycling, Licensed Driver, Shadow Puppetry, Improv, Writer, Producer, West African Dance, Teleprompter, Host, Professional Chef, Corporate Trainer, Corporate  Diversity  Trainer, Certified  Holistic  Health  Coach,  JourneyDance  Facilitator

Agent: Lucy King, Models on the Move   -

jta resume 11-18-19 (pdf)


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